In Tandem With Time, Rivers Become^

Anchorage . Alaska . 10Sep-19Nov 2021

"In Tandem With Time, Rivers Become" is a contemplative installation situated on the land of the Dena’ina People at the University of Alaska Kimura Gallery.

The space becomes a container for relics and ephemera from my on-going performances titled "Stitching Dreams of Leaving, Dreams of Roots". My actions flow as two rivers. One is my public stitchings that alters the US flag from an immigrant perspective. The other is my participatory workshops that invite participants to socially reimagine what a pledge to the flag may be to create a sense of home for all. These undertakings are my direct responses to a tweet where four congresswomen of color were told to "go back" to their country by a former US president.

Like fragmented memories, "In Tandem With Time, Rivers Become" comprises of parts. Photo documentations, texts, and video works from my durational performances activate the gallery walls. A site specific participatory object anchors the central space that invites participants to place their reconsidered pledge to the flag back onto the object.